Look up places anywhere in the world. Major features include: Addresses, zoomable maps, hotel ratings and contact numbers with one-click calling.

Coming soon to other devices.

Download app here

From windows phone

Beautiful design. It pops out of your screen!

A clean, beautiful, minimalistic design that focuses on windows phone UI (user interface) guidelines, giving an all round better UX (user experience) for UM (you and me). OH, and the green is an awesome green. We know.

Find places nearby. Mindblowingly fast!

Location Scout captures your current location and generates a list of locations nearby based on what you type into our search bar. And it's all faster than you can say: "WOW, THAT WAS FAST". Swipe to the right and get a full list of location results from around the world.

And lastly, this one. Checkmate.

All the location information you could want in one place: maps, place names, addresses, phone numbers with one click calling. So don't be shy, try it! Yeah, we know what your thinking now...."Where do I download it?" Here is a link.